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December 21st, 2021 Online Gambling

Online gambling fans with an interest in the NBA are currently caught up in a swirl of hype surrounding the mythic NBA Finals match up between the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics. But there is another major online betting event coming up which also has received plenty of gambling site attention.  And when it comes to draft talk there are only two names in the present online betting discussion and those are Derek Rose and Michael Beasley.

Online wagering pros are sold hook, line and sinker on these two players.  And why shouldn’t they be?  When you glance over Beasley’s stats from college, he is arguably the greatest college player in online gambling history.  His superior numbers even surpassed those of last year’s college online gaming phenom and NBA star in the making- Kevin Durant.  And all online betting fans need to do is check out Rose’s highlights in the NCAA tournament (which many gambling sites have on video feed) to see the type of potential he possesses.

But the real online gaming question is:  which will make the better pro player?

Most gambling sites have been holding this open discussion since both declared for the draft and the results are mixed with online gambling fans harboring a number of ideas on the subject.  Each player is unique and has vastly different skill sets which make their transition to the NBA online gambling different for each.

Most gambling site experts believe that Rose has the most upside but that Beasley is more ready for the pros at this moment in time.  And in fact this is very likely true.  With a massive body, savvy around basket and good quickness in his hands and feet, Beasley could start in the word of NBA online gambling right now.  If nothing else he could average 8-10 rebounds a game right now thanks to his nose for glass and his wide body.

But for many fans that enjoy gambling sites Rose is the one that has the chance to do something really special.  The point guard position has a much larger impact on the game and therefore most online gambling analysts expect Rose to one day become the bigger star.  But at the end of the day, both young men have tremendous futures ahead of them.