Online gambling NFL rookies at SBG Global

December 21st, 2021 Online Gambling

Online gambling is exciting all year round, but some times it’s a bit better than at other times as anyone into virtual gambling knows. And one of the best times of the year for online betting is the NFL season.  With a flood of new players entering the online betting NFL fray this season there are a few that virtual gambling fans should keep an eye.

Online betting experts are already working in overdrive trying to figure the various virtual gambling odds and get a good read on the upcoming NFL online gambling season.  One aspect of the upcoming NFL online gambling season that is always exciting is the rookie class.  The rookie class of 2008 has received mixed reviews from many online betting fans and experts and only time will tell how the new players will pan out.  The class has been defined by its relative lack of QB and WR talent as neither position was drafted very heavily in the early rounds.

But that’s not to say that this online gambling class doesn’t have nay future stars in it, and the players are eager for the virtual gambling season to begin and show the online betting world what they can do.

The player that seems most likely to succeed immediately is the RB Darren McFadden.  It’s become clichéd in the online betting community to compare him with Adrian Peterson and his break out season last year, but that’s probably the best analogy you can make.  He’s playing behind an awful offensive line and the QB situation is up for grabs, but he’s enormously talented, according all online gambling scouts.  He won’t math Peterson’s freakish numbers, but he will impress.

Another player with a chance to shine in the online betting will be QB Matt Ryan.  He will either sink or swim, but if he gets through a tough rookie campaign the sky is the limit.  Also keep an eye on two Steelers rookies, Rashard Mendenhall and Limas Sweed, they could both have big online gambling debuts in a talented offense.  These players will have the opportunity and none of the pressure that many other rookies will face.


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