Online Gambling Flourishing in new Betting Areas

January 17th, 2022 Online Gambling

Twenty years ago the online gambling industry couldn’t really even be called an industry.  It was a small handful of entrepreneurial spirits trying to be sports betting into the homes of sports fans and offering them a new technology that promised to make sports gambling available to the masses for the first time ever.

In the beginning it was a lot of trial and error and perhaps a lot more of the latter than anyone hoped for but soon the online gambling began to flourish and it became obvious that it wasn’t just sports wagering that the people wanted.

In the past two decades the fledgling Internet gambling companies have grown in wildly successful operations with hundreds of thousands of employees and tens of millions of employees.  But perhaps the biggest are of growth for the online gambling industry has been into non-traditional areas of betting.

No longer is it just sports betting odds that the people crave but not betting odds have become associated with just about every type of competition imaginable and the Internet gambling companies have been quick to get the people what they want.

It would have been unfathomable for the forefathers of the online gambling industry to have foreseen the direction that the online betting odds would take but it’s been amazing to watch.  Such things as American Idol betting and Dancing with the Stars betting now rival old Internet betting staple as football betting or NBA playoff betting.

The growth of these non-traditional online gambling areas has been phenomenal on several levels.  First, it brings people into the Internet betting fold that had probably never thought about online wagering.

Fans of TV competitions that never thought of online sports betting but now can enjoy the same pleasures of sports fans without wagering on professional sports.  Further there have also been other high growth areas in online gambling such as poker, black jack and other electronic forms of casino games.

So to say that online gambling is just about sports would be a gross understatement.  While online sports betting is still an important element of the online gambling industry, it has blossomed into something much bigger that now includes all facets of popular culture and entertainment.


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