Online Gambling: Florida International Panthers vs. Duke Blue Devils

September 15th, 2020 Online Gambling

Online Gambling: Florida International Panthers vs. Duke Blue Devils. When you think college football betting, you think of top programs crashing together in an explosion of collegiate fervor and long standing tradition for you wagering amusement.

You likely do not envision the Florida International Panthers and the Duke Blue Devils as the two sides, but the reality of the situation is that this is as good of a chance to win cash on some online gambling as any of the top-25 matchups.

In fact, a wager on this college football game is probably more necessary than one between some SEC national title contenders. At least the top-25 match up is inherently watchable.

This showdown between the Duke Blue Devils and the FIU Panthers has mid afternoon nap written all over it. Throw in an excitement of a wager and now you have a reason to pay attention, though you could still take that nap if you like. I am just saying: you have options!

When it comes to making a pick between these two teams, it is important to check in on SBG Global’s live lines. Right now, the Blue Devils are favored by 3.5 points, likely mainly due to their home field advantage as opposed to their wealth of talent.

However, the live lines also show you that the majority of SBG Global players support FIU in this one, with 61.1 percent of wagers going with the underdog to cover. Check the Online Gambling Lines for the Florida International Panthers vs. Duke Blue Devils Game.

In this case, the public has this one right. FIU comes in off back-to-back bowl games and as one of the top teams in their conference, granted it is the Sun Belt not the SEC. Still, FIU looks to be a tough opponent for an underwhelming Duke team, so why not take the points given to you when you make your college football wager?

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