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January 17th, 2022 Online Gambling

Online gambling is full of surprises and, in fact, it is this uncertainty that keeps the odds business and offshore gambling sites in business. But perhaps the biggest surprise anywhere in gambling this season has been the rapid and abrupt decline of Roger Federer’s tennis play.  Granted he’s still ranked number one in the world, but with only one gambling title through the first half of the year many offshore gambling experts are beginning wonder whether or not the Swiss’ great run at the top might be over.

Online gambling sees great athletes come and go but it is a genuine rarity to encounter a star with the qualities of Federer.  During the most recent three years of his career no athlete in gambling has been as dominant as Federer and that includes offshore gambling favorite Tiger Woods.  He was nearly unbeatable for over three calendar years and captured 75% of the gambling Grand Slam events during that time.

But once the page turned to 2008 the tennis courts have not been kind to Roger and the online gambling odds have reflected this.  Obviously, Raphael Nadal is and should be the favorite of the gambling odds makers at Paris, but even at other events Nadal and Novak Djokovic were sometimes getting better online gambling odds than Federer.  This is a very rare thing in the world of tennis and non-event during the past three years on most offshore gambling sites.

There is no doubt that Federer has been outplayed in the online gambling so far this year.  The only question is whether or not he’ll be able to reclaim his mojo and jump back up to the top of the offshore gambling odds.  At the age of 26 he is slightly old by tennis years and that is certainly a consideration.  But the fact that he has been injury free during his online gambling career and appears to be in good health would lead one to believe that he has the physical ability to continue playing at a top level.

More likely than not, a bout of mono early in the year has set him back and he’s lost his mental edge.  If he were to win an upcoming online gambling Grand Slam event it could be just the thing to get his mental focus back and it’s difficult to believe that he could shortly go back to dominating the online gambling odds.

Or it may be that his game is in serious decline.</p

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