Online Gambling Bettors Note Vancouver Player Award

January 17th, 2022 Online Gambling

One of the better teams vs. the online gambling hockey odds this season was the Vancouver Canucks and their best player, Henrik Sedin was named The Sporting News player of the year. Odds at Internet gambling companies favored the Canucks when they were at home this season but oftentimes the Canucks were underdogs on the road.

Online gambling statistics indicated that Vancouver was great at home during the regular season but just .500 on the road. One reason they were great at home vs. the NHL online gambling odds was the play of Henrik Sedin.  He was the NHL scoring leader this past season. He was ahead of big-name players like Washington’s Alex Ovechkin and Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby.  Sedin beat those two players in the voting for the player of the year as he got 108 first-place votes while Ovechkin got 86 and Crosby 72.

Henrik Sedin scored 112 points and he led the league in assists with 83. Sedin was the runaway scoring leader in the Western Conference as the next highest scorer in the Western Conference was Brad Richards of Dallas who had 91.  Sedin is also in the running for the league MVP award although he may not get that award since he is still not considered in the same class as Ovechkin or Crosby. It was still a great year though for Sedin whether he wins the MVP award or not.

The Canucks had a successful season vs. the odds at the Internet gambling companies but it ended when they could not get past Chicago in the NHL playoffs.  The Canucks won 49 games during the regular season with 30 of those wins coming on home ice. Henrik Sedin was their big playmaker while his brother Daniel was also a major player who impacted the online gambling NHL odds. He led the team in plus minus at +36 and in shots with 225.  The Canucks were the second highest scoring team in the NHL this past season as they averaged 3.3 goals per game.  They were 10th in shots, 6th on the power play and 7th on faceoffs.  The problem for the Canucks vs. the online gambling odds was their defense which ranked just 13th in the league, allowing 2.7 goals per game.