Can Obama beat McCain in the online gambling contest at SBG Global

January 17th, 2022 Online Gambling

Online gambling odds makers now have their competition officially set in political stone. Barak Obama will be the Democratic nominee in the upcoming gambling online presidential elections and he will face off against presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain.  This should be an election battle for the ages and the question that every online gambling fan is dying to know is whether or not the upstart Obama can defeat the stalwart Senator from Arizona in the open election.

Online gambling fans have long suspected that Obama would be the Democratic candidate but it wasn’t until his big wins on the last Tuesday of the primary season that he mathematically wrapped up the online gambling nomination.  Now that he has, he’s thrown his campaign against John McCain into high gear -much to the delight of gambling online fans and online gambling sites.  Now that the candidates are known and all but certain to be picked at the nominated conventions the online gambling for the election process can really get going.

According to most online gambling sites, in general election polls, Obama and McCain poll are similarly amongst online gambling fans and the greater public.  Both men pull about 45% of the popular vote according to polls listed on most gambling online sites.  That information means that we could be in for a very wild fight for the presidency and some great online gambling opportunities.

But the reality is that McCain will be hard pressed to keep up these high figures and will very likely fall behind Obama in the popular vote if past online gambling seasons are anything to go by.  The biggest reason why experts expect McCain’s online gambling odds to drop is the fact that he has chained his campaign to a dead horse -the Iraq War.  It is a highly unpopular cause and yet he has based his entire campaign on it, a disastrous move in the eyes of most gambling online analysts.

As the election season wears on, this more than anything that Obama says or does, will destroy his online gambling odds.  But was with any political race, you never know what’s going to happen in all the votes are counted.