NBA gambling finals at SBG Global

January 18th, 2022 Online Gambling

Gambling on basketball is rarely this good as the NBA finals start featuring the most storied franchises in the NBA for the first time in two decades. The LA Lakers and Boston Celtics square in the Boston Garden and the home team will be favored by two and a half points in the gambling odds, nevertheless and according to gambling online experts, the Lakers should take the first game.

Gambling odds makers have their hands full with the match up and the fans of online gambling are eating up. For one, this rivalry is among the best in all of sports gambling; and two, it’s the first time in years the NBA Finals appear to be even somewhat competitive for gambling. After decades of blowouts and mismatches there isn’t a single basketball gambling fan that isn’t thrilled to have a competitive match up in the online gambling odds and the NBA Finals.

The gambling gods have spoken and have made the hometown Celts two and half point favorites in the online gambling odds. That’s basically a wash as the home team is generally spotted a few points in a gambling match up such as this. There is plenty of evidence to convince the basketball betting fan that the Celtics can win this game such as the their NBA regular season best record and their winning record against the best gambling teams in the West, but game one will go to the Lakers.

Despite the Celtics breakout year in the NBA gambling the West is still a much tougher conference and features much better teams in playoff online gambling this far. The Lakers have played and beaten much better teams in the playoff gambling so far than the Celtics and Boston will have to play flawlessly if they want to win. Despite Boston’s impressive big three it simply doesn’t have the talent in its four through 12 players to beat the Lakers in the gambling odds.

And on top of that, the Lakers have a not-so secret weapon named Kobe Bryant who could turn the gambling odds on their head at any moment. The Celtics have accomplished much during this NBA gambling season, but pick the Lakers to beat the gambling odds in game one.