MLB Internet Gambling as Competitive as Ever at SBG Global

January 18th, 2022 Online Gambling

MLB Internet Gambling as Competitive as Ever at SBG Global. If the competition stays this intense the rest of the Internet gambling season there should be a great finish to the regular offshore gambling season.

Major League baseball has been known to be vastly uncompetitive in some regards as the gulf between the top Internet gambling teams and the worst generally is huge.  But this year, in a refreshing development for offshore gambling sites and Internet gambling fans MLB is surprisingly competitive.  Not that aren’t front runners in both the NL and AL but for once every team still has an Internet gambling chance -no matter how slim- as the offshore gambling season approached the half way point.

If you breakdown the division races in both of the Internet gambling leagues there are competitive races in all of them.  In fact the widest margin separating any first place team and any second place team in the Internet gambling battles is 5.5 games.  While not all that impressive to the untrained offshore gambling eye, it at least gives hope a very exciting playoff race in this season’s Internet gambling.  It will be all but impossible to repeat the fevered pitch of the playoff race that played out last year in the Internet gambling.  But perhaps instead of having one or two outstanding division races for the Internet gambling playoffs, perhaps this season we’ll see decent competition in all of the divisions.

However, there are two ways to look at this great evening of the Internet gambling playing field in MLB.  The upside is that the divisions seem a bit more competitive this season (at least through the first half of the offshore gambling season).  But the down side is that the overall performance ahs also dropped off relative to past Internet gambling season.

If you take a sampling of the MLB teams, only 13 of the MLB franchises have a winning record in the Internet gambling standings.  Whether or not that’s a good thing or a bad is anybody’s guess but so long as this increased parity can create bit of Internet gambling excitement, who cares?


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