McCain’s online gambling competition at SBG Global

January 18th, 2022 Online Gambling

McCain’s online gambling competition at SBG Global. Online gambling has come to encompass many things these days. And one of the themes that have been most popular with gambling online fans of late is the political betting odds now available on most online gambling sites.  With Tuesday’s capturing of the needed delegates, Barak Obama has now secured his place in the presidential race against Republican John McCain.

Online gambling odds and fans long expected the result but it was made official with Obama’s convincing wins in the South Dakota and Montana primaries, which convinced enough undecided delegates to throw their support behind to mathematically capture his party’s nomination and whittle the online gambling race for the president down to two.

In many ways this is a very historic presidential campaign and online gambling fans have taken note.  The primary season was perhaps the most memorable in the history of such things and online gambling fans and voters alike turned out in droves.  Gambling online sites have never dedicated so much time in and effort to politics and online gambling fans likewise have never demonstrated such interest in political betting.

But when a woman and an African American are locked in a tense battle for the first the time the history of politics for their party’s nomination it only makes since that it would garner wide interest from the public and the online gambling sector.  And now that an African American has emerged as the candidate of a major party for the first time, the gambling online interest in the election will certainly continue.

With five months left in the election online gambling fans are likely to see plenty more of history being made.  One event that would truly make this a memorable race for most gambling online fans would be the inclusion of Hillary as Obama’s vice president.  While most online gambling experts think the event unlikely, there are now online gambling odds on the vice president race posted all across the betting sites and Hillary is indeed one of the names among them.

This would not only be a hugely exciting development for online gambling fans, but would be a truly remarkable sign of progress for a country that has neither elected a woman or an African American to the office.


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