Matt Ryan Internet Gambling Impact at SBG Global

January 18th, 2022 Online Gambling

The cream of the rookie QB talent in the NFL Internet gambling was taken with the third online gambling pick overall by the Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan graded out at the top of the QB list almost universally in the run up to the NFL draft and many Internet gambling experts have high hopes for the rookie.  However, taking over the starting QB job for team like the Atlanta Flacons will not lead to any overnight online gambling success stories and unfortunately for the young Ryan he is likely in for a very long an painful year in the Internet gambling NFL action.

But the good thing for Ryan is that aside from a few crazy Internet gambling sites, and some hard core Falcon online gambling fans, almost no one expects anything out Ryan this year or even in the next few years to come.  For a rookie QB it’s almost the ideal situation for breaking into the NFL Internet gambling action.  Because the Flacons organization is in shambles and has very little talent no Internet gambling pundits are expecting Ryan to perform at a high level.  That means he can get under center and not worry about living up to online gambling expectations.  In fact, if anything, he’ll likely exceed any preseason Internet gambling predictions as expectations are so low.

But the downside to such a situation is that he seriously risks his health playing on such a rotten Internet gambling team.  His line is average at best and his running game is in transition which means that anything could happen this year according to Internet gambling experts.  But perhaps the worst thing for Ryan is that he absolutely no one to throw the ball to.  Joe Horn is much past his Internet gambling prime -and he’s demanding a trade.  Roddy White is disgruntled and lacks the talent to be a legitimate number one receiver in Internet gambling.  Anyway you look at it the Falcons passing attack will be one of the worst in NFL Internet gambling.

Ryan’s only hope is that the team’s new backfield duo of Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood can get the offense on track.  If not, Ryan will have one of the worst rookie campaigns in NFL Internet gambling action in recent memory.


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