Jones chasing sports gambling history at SBG Global

January 19th, 2022 Online Gambling

Sports gambling fans have a very full plate at present. With the NBA Finals in high gear, the French Open, the US Open on the way and the biggest online gambling event of the year -the Euro Cup- all on the horizon not much a lot of sports gambling attention has been paid to baseball. But for the many fans of sports gambling that have been following baseball, one of the most remarkable stories of the season has been Atlanta Braves slugger Chipper Jones and his mission to hit .400.

Sports gambling commentators have all but dismissed the idea that a player can hit .400 anymore. With all the changes that the game has gone through over the past century it’s real surprise that the last time a player batted over .400 was the great Ted Williams in 1941 -long before the advent of online gambling and decades before most online gambling fans were even born. But with the all the modern developments of the game it’s not really surprising that such a historic stat has been achieved and that’s also what makes Jones’s quest such an enthralling endeavor in the minds of most sports gambling fans.

Nowadays with all the scouting that pitchers do on hitter, and the amount of variety that hitters face in terms of the volume of relievers and closers that are used during any nine inning span, it’s no wonder that this magical sports gambling feat hasn’t been achieved. The last time any batter even revived serious consideration by the sports gambling community towards this goal was George Brett in the early 80s -long before the age of the 24-hour news cycle and the pressures of online gambling.

Needless to say Brett came up short. But a week into June Jones is still going strong and has created a huge buzz in the sports gambling universe with his accomplishment so far. For sports gambling fans there are few sacred baseball numbers, even fewer now considering that Barry Bonds has broken the all time sports gambling home run record. But two sports gambling records that are considered unbreakable are Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak and of course the .400 barrier. Not many sports gambling fans expect these marks to be matched anytime soon and that’s what makes Jones’ achievement so compelling.


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