Internet Gambling on U.S. Basketball for Beijing at SBG Global

January 19th, 2022 Online Gambling

Many Internet gambling analysts believe the U.S. drop in the world virtual gambling standings is a result of the individual style that is played in the NBA.

There is little doubt that the best basketball players in all of Internet wagering play in the NBA and are for the most part Americans.  Sow why is it that the US squad -if indeed it has the most talented players in virtual gambling – keeps getting trounced in international Internet wagering competitions?  The answer to this question has been debated at length by people well-versed in Internet gambling results and most believe the style of play in the NBA is to blame.

For those Internet gambling fans not familiar with the difference between NBA and international competition, the variance is substantial.  One need only watch such an Internet gambling match up or reference the recent virtual gambling results of the US squad (composed of NBA players) to see that there is a wide disparity.

It’s perhaps ironic, but nonetheless true, that the squads from other countries have beaten the US at their own game in the Internet gambling competitions.  The NBA used to be about ball movement, extra passes, jump shooting and tough defense.  For anyone that has seen an NBA Internet gambling competition they can assure that today’s NBA game little resembles these principals.  Instead, in the age of virtual gambling, the NBA has become a one-on-one, zone defense playing league where isolation plays are now the norm rather than the exception.  In a word, this is very inefficient basketball, regardless of how affective it may be in NBA Internet gambling competitions.

In contrast other squads on the international gambling stage play a more traditional style of ball that includes beating opponents with ball movement not isolation plays, places an emphasis on individual defense triggering the offense and mastering jump shooting.  This style of play has proven much more effective on the international internet gambling stage than the individual-based NBA virtual gambling style of play.

How else can you explain the success of countries like Argentina, Italy and others against a much more individually talented US squad?


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