Internet Gambling’s new Michael Jordan at SBG Global

January 19th, 2022 Online Gambling

Kobe Bryant is a tremendous talent, one of the best in Internet gambling, and he always has been part of the best gambling opportunities. Every year it seems that the Internet betting community names another heir apparent to ‘airness’.  At present it’s fashionable to compare the league’s current internet betting MVP, Kobe Bryant, to the great Michael Jordan. There has perhaps, never been such a fluid player in the history of Internet wagering.

However, just because Bryant is back in the Finals is no reason to think that he might be on the same plane as Jordan as many gambling fans now seem to think. To watch Bryant at times amazes and inspires, just as Jordan did in the hey-day of his gambling greatness.  But that is where the comparison seems to end and leave the current Internet gambling star wanting.

Bryant has done some amazing things over his career and will continue to dazzle Internet betting fans to be certain.  He may even retire as the all time leading scorer in NBA gambling history.  But there is simply not enough time left in his Internet gambling career to overtake Jordan as the greatest ever or even come close to deserving such a comparison.

Great athletes of different Internet betting eras can only be judged against their contemporaries and this is where the comparison falls apart.  In the pre Internet gambling age when Michael Jordan began playing in the NBA he was like a jolt of lightening for the league.  After taking the league by storm he established himself as the unquestioned greatest player in the league and held the title until the end of his second retirement during the Internet gambling era.  While Kobe is always mentioned as one of the best players in Internet gambling, his name is always followed by a handful of players.  This was not so with Jordan.

Jordan dominated his sport in a way that no NBA player has done since in the age of Internet gambling.  There were no other names mentioned alongside Jordan’s.  He was simply the best and at times it seemed he could do anything he wanted to on a court and there is simply no player that can match this in today’s Internet betting.  While Bryant is a spectacular player and perhaps the best of his Internet gambling era, he does not dominate the game the Jordan did.


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