Internet Gambling Companies – Zig-Zag Bettors Losing Money

November 9th, 2020 Online Gambling

Internet Gambling Companies – Zig-Zag Bettors Losing Money. If you are a basketball bettor then you probably have heard of the zig-zag theory when it comes to betting at Internet gambling companies.  It is a simple system that has been around for decades in the NBA playoffs.  It involves taking the loser of the previous game in online gambling and betting them in the next game. So far in this year’s playoffs the system has been a dud.

Unpredictable Playoffs Killing the Zig-Zag
There used to be a time when if a team lost in the NBA playoffs they would bounce back and win the next game. Those days are over.  Very little has been predictable this year in the NBA playoffs. The top seeded San Antonio Spurs are in serious trouble in their series against Memphis and the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers have lost twice already vs. New Orleans.  What you think should happen in the NBA playoffs have not been happening and that applies to the zig-zag theory as well.

Odds Adjusted
Another problem for the zig-zag theory is that the oddsmakers know all about the theory. They have adjusted their odds at SBG so that there is very little value in following the long-time theory. Look what happened in the Dallas-Portland series where after Game 1 that Dallas covered, the Mavericks actually were favored by less in Game 2.  Portland didn’t cover that game either as they lost by 12 points.

First Round Results
The series between the Pacers and the Bulls has been a disaster for the zig-zag as the Bulls haven’t covered a single game.  When one team covers in every game then the zig-zag theory is going to get crushed.  The theory has done a little better in the Miami-Philly series with two wins and a loss. It didn’t do that well in the Celtics-Knicks series and in the Magic-Hawks series it has been horrible.

The Western Conference has been a mess for the theory as well with Memphis covering every game against San Antonio. There have been a couple of wins in the Lakers series vs. the Hornets but the Mavericks-Trail Blazers series has been a loser as has the Thunder and Nuggets. If you go back a decade for the zig-zag the winners just haven’t been there with the theory covering less than half the time and that is not going to make you any money vs. the online odds at Internet gambling companies.


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