Internet Gambling Companies – Tiger & Phil Disappoint Gamblers Again

January 20th, 2022 Online Gambling

The two top favorites in golf odds at Internet gambling companies bombed out again in the PGA Championship as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson did very little. Somehow Tiger is still the number one player in the world while Phil is number two.  Gamblers will tell you that neither player is worth the risk vs. the online gambling odds at SBG Global.

Internet gambling companies favored Tiger and Phil in the PGA Championship and neither player was a factor.  The odds on both players have been way too low as oddsmakers have been very slow to react to Tiger’s failures and Phil’s up and down play.  The public still knows the big names of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson but gamblers are tired of hearing about them.

Woods & Mickelson Still 1-2:  Woods is somehow still ranked number one in the world although he has done nothing this year.  That just shows how screwed up the World golf rankings really are.  Mickelson is number two in the world and he has not done much either. At least he has played some good rounds of golf though as won a major this year. That is more than you can say about Tiger.  Mickelson shot a final round 67 on Sunday in the PGA.

Real Rankings should be the FedExCup:  If you really want a true indication of the best golfers then take a look at the FedExCup standings. Do you know where Tiger is in those rankings?  He is 108th.  He might not even make the FedExCup playoffs.  The top 125 players make the playoffs which begin at the Barclays in two weeks. The last tournament to earn points is the Wyndham Championship this week and Woods is not even playing.  He will probably still sneak into the playoffs but the rankings tell you just how pathetic Tiger has played this year.

The top player in the FedExCup standings is Ernie Els. He is followed by Steve Stricker, Jim Furyk and Phil Mickelson.  Those are the golfers that should be favored each week in online gambling odds.  At least online gambling oddsmakers have it half right with Phil Mickelson although he sure has burned a lot of wallets recently with his up and down play.


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