Internet Gambling Companies – Redskins Sign McNabb to Extension

January 20th, 2022 Online Gambling

Get used to seeing Donovan McNabb impacting Washington Redskins football odds at Internet gambling companies for years to come. The Redskins signed McNabb to a five-year $78 million dollar extension on Monday and it looks like owner Daniel Snyder hasn’t learned his lesson and is throwing more money away.  Maybe the Philadelphia Eagles knew what they were doing all along as they now look like a better team against the online gambling odds at SBG without McNabb.

Way Too Much Money
The Redskins threw way too much money away on a quarterback that simply doesn’t fit into their system.  The coaching staff of Washington is not enamored with McNabb but owner Daniel Snyder obviously is.  But then again this is the same owner that threw money down the toilet when he signed Albert Haynesworth.  Snyder doesn’t know football and he throws money away all the time.  McNabb has seen his best days and is not even an average NFL quarterbacks any more. He is a below average quarterback who is going to get more than $40 million dollars guaranteed.  McNabb turns 34 years old later this month. McNabb spent his first 11 seasons in Philadelphia but he never was able to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl title.  Online gambling NFL statistics indicate that McNabb has thrown for almost 35,000 yards in his career with 223 touchdowns and 108 interceptions.

Vick or McNabb?
Who do you want as your quarterback?  Do you want Michael Vick or Donovan McNabb?  This question would have seemed laughable before this season at Internet gambling companies as Vick was a backup while McNabb was thought to be the future for the Redskins.  Ask any NFL coach now who they would want?  Every single one would say Vick.  Could it be that the reason McNabb won in Philadelphia was Andy Reid?  Could it be that McNabb is simply not a great quarterback?  It definitely looks that way but that didn’t stop Snyder from throwing money away on a soon to be 34-year old quarterback who is having a subpar season.  Did Snyder ask head coach Mike Shanahan if he wanted to be stuck with McNabb for five more years?  Good luck at winning anything of substance in the future, Mike.