Internet Gambling Companies – NFL Shocker as Vikings Waive Randy Moss

January 20th, 2022 Online Gambling

The soap opera that is the Minnesota Vikings took another turn that surprised gamblers at Internet gambling companies as Minnesota waived wide receiver Randy Moss.

The Vikings have had so much drama with the Brett Favre mess and now they have more of it now that Moss is gone. It was just a few weeks ago that the Vikings traded for Moss but he won’t be helping them win vs. the online gambling odds at SBG any longer.

Mismanaged Vikings
The Vikings are a mismanaged mess.  They have a head coach in Brad Childress who simply should not be a head coach.  He has bungled the handling of quarterback Brett Favre and now he has made a complete mess of the Randy Moss situation.  The Vikings were a very good team last year but it is obvious now that it had nothing to do with Childress.  This year the Vikings have an old quarterback and a head coach who continues to make poor decisions.  Keep in mind that the Vikings gave up a third-round draft pick to get Moss. They basically just gave that pick to New England for nothing.  That illustrates just how bad the management of the Vikings really is.

Where Does Moss Go Now?
Since Moss was put on waivers it means that every other team in the league will have a chance to make a claim with the Buffalo Bills getting the first shot.  The waiver process works based on the current record of the teams with the worst team picking first.  If a team claims Moss they would then be responsible for his big salary.  There are many teams that might take a shot on him including Washington, Chicago; the New York Jets and if no one else claims him, the New England Patriots.  They would pick last though so Moss would have to clear waivers in a sense for the Patriots to get a shot at him.

The situation in Minnesota with Moss came about after Moss held a quick press conference after the loss to Minnesota and said he missed his New England teammates. He also said that the Vikings ignored his suggestions about how to attack the New England defense on Sunday.  The Vikings were competitive but failed to cover the NFL online gambling odds at Internet gambling companies in the loss to the Patriots.