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December 1, 2010 Online Gambling

As the world focuses in on the US presidential elections and the candidates sharpen their attacks there are numerous possibilities as to how a new president will affect the world at large.

Many within the virtual gambling community have a taken a very special interest in the competition even placing wagers on gambling online sites as to who will win.  But much more importantly for gambling online fans, a new president could mean the legalization of gambling online facilities in the US which would drastically alter the world virtual gambling, likely for the better.

According to present laws no gambling online sites may set up operation in the US.  For reasons related to anti-gambling laws virtual gambling sites and operations are strictly prohibited on US.  This policy makes about as much since as long held embargo against Cuba, but I digress.  It is roughly as effective as well, as preventing gambling online sites from setting up operation on US soil is not in any way the same as preventing gambling online, which must be seen as the desired outcome of such laws.

Some zealots within the US Congress would like to gambling online banned altogether and one can only assume that these laws against virtual gambling are meant to achieve this.  But since the US Congress has no jurisdiction over the Internet and never will it is powerless to try and force gambling online sites out of US citizens’ computers and homes.  In effect, the laws against gambling online site’s facilities on US territory are at best useless, and at worst harmful to the US economy.

Many gambling online sites would much prefer to have their operation in the US and would gladly pay a hefty tax to the US government to make this so.  And that is where the presidential election comes into play.  It’s quite possible that the next US president will see the absurdity in banning gambling online facilities in the country and abolish them.  This could be done with the caveat that the gambling online companies would be required to pay a hefty tax on their earnings which could be used for schools, roads, health care and paying down the magnificent deficit that the present administration has run up.

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