Gambling online MVP race at SBG Global

January 24th, 2022 Online Gambling

The gambling online baseball season hasn’t quite hit the midway point, but it’s not too early to begin handicapping the sports gambling race for the NL MVP race. The reason being that here several players have jumped out to such a tremendous start to the betting online season that they have far distanced themselves from the rest of the sports gambling pack.  Lance Berkman and Chipper Jones have not only jumped into the lead of the betting online NL MVP race, but they are flirting with baseball history.

There are several benchmarks in baseball sports gambling that considered hallowed.  One of those is the .400 hitting mark which has never even been seriously challenged in the betting online era… until now.  The last time any player seriously made a run at the mark was George Brett in the early 80s, before some gambling online fans were even born, and as everyone in sports gambling knows, fell short.  But switch-hitter Chipper Jones as close as anyone has been since and his quest for the mythical batting average has become a topic of great discussion in the gambling online community.

But as great as his Jones’ season has been so far, he is by most sports gambling accounts second place in the two-man race for the NL MVP.  The leader of this competition according to most gambling online experts is the Astros Berkman who is making a serious assault on the Triple Crown.  The last time the sports gambling world saw a triple crown was in the early 1970s when Tigers rookie Fred Lynn achieved the hallowed sports gambling mark.

Berkman would like to become the next player to do it and the first in the age of gambling online to make a serious run at it.  Judging by the numbers there’s absolutely now reason why he can’t do it, and the biggest obstacle to his quest according to most gambling online insiders is Jones.  While Berkman is right in the thick of things in RBIs and HRs he trails Jones by nearly .50 points in the gambling online batting average category.  Granted there is still much of the season left to play and anything could happen.

This far these two men are to tremendous starts to the betting gambling season and if they can continue this pace throughout, it will be one helluva race for the NL MVP trophy.