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January 24th, 2022 Online Gambling

Torrey Pines will become the first municipal course in the history of gambling online to host a golf major. In this case the wagering online event will be the 2008 US Open and with just weeks away many in the Internet gambling community are beginning to wonder if this is such a wise idea.  Although the course is well known and widely appreciated throughout the gambling in internet golf community, the present condition of the course is rumored to be less than stellar and some of that is being blamed on the city’s limited resources to maintaining it properly for one of the biggest events in wagering online.

Whether those sentiments are betting online fact or fiction remains to be seen but one thing that is not up for debate is the degree of difficulty that the recent US Opens have played to.  Over the past few years Internet gambling fans have seen course after course compete to create most difficult gambling online conditions possible for the US Open.  Over the past two years the winning score in the US open gambling online competition was five over.  This year at least the PGA and the Torrey Pines keepers have worked to make the course somewhat easier than past betting online US Open’s and are even hopeful that the Internet gambling competition will be won with a score in the red.

However, not everyone in the gambling online competition is convinced.  There are still unbelievably difficult holes such as number 13, which depending on the placement of the tee-box will play as a 614-yard par five, much longer than in most gambling online competitions.  And there is no doubt that this layout was implemented with one single Internet gambling competitor in mind: Tiger Woods.

But there are signs that the PGA is serious about making the course much more playable than recent US Open betting  online competitions and this year the layout will play at 71 not 70.  In addition, the grounds keepers will rotate the pin placement and tee-boxes so that they will alternate between impossible and merely difficult on the day of the wagering online competition.


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