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January 24th, 2022 Online Gambling

Gambling offseason in the NBA has been somewhat lackluster in recent years, but this year, for the first time in a great while, the NBA online action was fantastic.

Several teams in the West made big time roster moves and put themselves in gambling contention.  One team that didn’t do much in the way of roster gambling moves was the San Antonio Spurs and as a result they will not be defending their NBA online gambling title.

Gambling fans that watched the Spurs gambling defeat to the LA Lakers in the Western Conference Finals watched the aging Spurs get whipped in the gambling odds by a more dynamic younger team in the Lakers.  It was painfully obvious to anyone with even a passing interest in basketball gambling off season that the Spurs were outclassed and lacked the firepower to go toe-to-toe in the online gambling with thoroughbred team like the Lakers.

Tim Duncan said it best in his press conference after the team’s latest gambling loss, and to paraphrase, stated that his team must get some new talent if it’s to compete again for the NBA gambling title.  The team has a very solid core in Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker.  Its complimentary players are amongst the best in online gambling, but they are getting older and proved to be ineffective in the gambling against a much younger and quicker Lakers unit.  The core of these three players will remain intact, but the rest of the gambling roster could see some major changes.

Duncan is still among the best players in NBA gambling offseason but he’s no longer the 35 and 15 player in the playoffs he once was.  He’s a very smart and dynamic passer in the post, but the team lacks the offense fire power to capitalize on this in the gambling.  The Spurs biggest flaw right now according to most gambling experts is that it lacks players that can create their own shots and as a result the team depends too much on the three-point shot.

The Spurs have become easy for gambling opponents to defend and if the team wants to get back into the NBA Finals gambling it must get some more potent offensive weapons.


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