Big gambling impact at SBG Global

January 25th, 2022 Online Gambling

Gambling Statistics: Big gambling impact at SBG Global . Gambling fans of the NFL are counting down the days until the regular season actually arrives. Internet gambling sites across the globe have no odds to post for months and the football gambling junkies are growing restless.  But while the off-season gambling lull continues it’s a great chance to take a look at this year’s rookies, especially the running backs.

Gambling in the NFL has seen many trends come and go in the age of Internet gambling, but one recent trend that has developed and has yet to go anywhere is the use of two running backs.  Gone are the gambling days of Emmitt Smith when one player gets 8,000 carries a year.  One reason of course is that no team can hoard O-lineman the way the Cowboys did in the gambling age before the salary cap.  Another is that the variety created by use of dual backs keeps a defense on its toes and gives them an advantage in the Internet gambling statistics.

This year is full of several very intriguing rookie RBs that could have a big impact on the NFL gambling.  Everyone is looking towards Darren McFadden as this year’s biggest impact gambling RB.  However, the rookie RB that makes the biggest impact in the NFL gambling this year will likely be Jonathon Stewart of the Carolina Panthers.

Stewart is perhaps the most physically gifted of the rookie backs in this year’s gambling with a rare combination of great size and breakaway speed.  And the situation in Carolina is perfect for him to have a great gambling year.  The O-line is above average and he’ll see plenty of holes.  Also, the Panthers are a run first team which means plenty of carries to help in the gambling stats, and with the Steve Smith to stretch the field there is always the chance for long breakaway runs, which also pad the gambling stats.

Another back in a very good spot in terms of making a big impact on the Internet gambling is Steelers rookie Rashard Mendenhall.  He’ll be joining one of the better offenses in gambling and have opposing defenses softened up for him by Willie Parker, one of the best backs in NFL gambling.  He won’t see as many touches as other RBs in NFL gambling, but with the Steelers’ strong passing game and decent line he should see enough to break 1,000 yards and have a big impact on the NFL gambling.