AL MVP gambling online race at SBG Global

January 25th, 2022 Online Gambling

Josh Hamilton has taken American League pitching by storm this season and if he keeps up the pace he’s on he’ll be a lock for gambling online AL MVP trophy.

Granted there’s still more than a half of sports gambling season left to play, but so far through the first half of the gambling online season Hamilton is by far the leading candidate for the AL MVP award.  And considering the adversity he’s overcome to put himself in contention for one of gambling online’s greatest prizes it’s an especially sweet prize.

Drafted number one overall by the Devil Rays in 1999 the 27-year old is now finally realizing is gambling online potential.  Years of drug and alcohol addiction left his MLB gambling online dreams in tatters.  But since moving to the Rangers he’s worked diligently and risen to the top of the sports gambling world as a hitter.  Through June he was within spitting distance of the Triple Crown and if he can keep it up the once ‘biggest disappointment’ in baseball sports gambling would join an elite club of all gambling online’s all time greats.

Currently Hamilton leads the AL in homeruns with 17 homeruns.  He also leads the gambling online AL RBI category with a whopping 69.  He also ranks in the top three in batting average with a .315 average, trailing the gambling online leader by just .09 points.

Obviously what’s most impressive about Hamilton’s statistical gambling online achievements this year is his RBI numbers.  The man has been a run-driving-in machine and is one pace to eclipse 150 for the full online gambling season.  That’s a tremendous achievement for any era of baseball and if he produced those numbers on his way to wrapping up the sports gambling Triple Crown it would be so much the sweater.

Right now there’s no other player in sports gambling within striking distance in the MVP race.  If Hamilton maintains his currently gambling online statistical pace he’ll wrap up the award.  But much more exciting, if he can keep up the torrid pace he’ll also likely become the first player in the gambling online era to win the Triple Crown.