Advantage in the presidential gambling at SBG Global

January 25th, 2022 Online Gambling

Gambling on politics has become hugely popular of late thanks to very interesting and historic gambling online presidential race in the US. Barak Obama recently became the first African American or bi-racial candidate to win a major party nomination for the presidency. And as his gambling race with John McCain heats up, he’ll have at least one overwhelming advantage in the gambling online sweepstakes: money!

Gambling is composed of many different elements, as in politics and political gambling, but the there is one overriding factor in most elections and that is money. As crass and as shallow as that may sound for many gambling online fans it is absolutely true. While this is a devastatingly said indictment of the American political system, it is nonetheless very true and something that gambling fans must take into consideration. Almost without exception the candidate that raises the most funds always comes out on top in the online gambling, and the bigger and more high profile the race the more true this trend in gambling seems to be.

And in this year’s race for the presidency there is no question as to which candidate leads this gambling category. Not only does Barak have a huge war chest of funds saved up, he has access to hundreds of millions more, something that will give him overwhelming advantages in the presidential gambling contest. On the other hand John McCain has not had an easy time drawing donations and many within his own party are reluctant to give the so-called political maverick money -something which greatly stunts his gambling online odds.

Some in his party are disgusted with the state of the Republican party and are at odds with McCain’s sometimes break from the party on traditional issues. But even if McCain were able raise the same amount of funds as his gambling rival, Obama would still have the edge. Obama has created an extensive and extraordinary network of volunteers which means his campaign’s gambling expenses are also much less. Therefore, lower overhead means more money for commercials, the lethal weapon in political betting.

And what’s more, he has drawn small donations from a huge audience which means he can tap his large base for even more money, something McCain cannot do with is smaller, but higher giving, fundraising base will not allow. And that will doom him in the gambling.