Vilnius Online Casino Gaming Summit a Smashing Success!

Vilnius Online Casino Gaming Summit a Smashing Success!

Certainly, a trip to the Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel is a bucket list event.  Set in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius the hotel served as host for one of the year’s biggest events.  MARE BALTICUM was a destination event and gaming summit there last month.  Subsequently the meeting was a profound achievement.  Online casino gambling and gamers will soon see the benefits of the summit.  For this reason, the future of offshore gaming has never been brighter.  The most important figures in the industry parlayed ideas of innovation and technological concerns.  Government relations was also on the agenda.

Meeting of the Best Online Casino Officials

Starting with Online casino Industry shareholders and government officials were seeds planted.  Meetings topics included compliance, new technological innovations, and a buffet of other hot issues.  Most important of all the precedent set in the region will bear fruit for years to come.  Supplementing that was the quality of attendees.  A literal who’s who of industry movers and shakers were on hand.  Delegates from all over the world, especially from the Scandinavian and Baltic regions, were present.  “Must Attend” was the moniker of the summit with plenty of good reason.  Future such meetings will feed off Vilnius.

Triple Figures and Double the Attendees

Consider that over 100 Offshore bookmaker stakeholders were in attendance.  That is double the amount from last year.  Among the reasons are the rapid growth of the industry.  Accordingly, the technology is developing rapidly.  Hence attendees discussed ways to effectively control it.  Future summits figure to only grow in magnitude.  Equally important is that all parties involved realize that staying in contact will move the needle everyone’s way.  Communication between the different interests has proven to be a factor in the industry’s success.  It follows that this one of the kind summit is a start rather than end.

World Leaders Come Together

Networking opportunities were fully taken advantage of at Vilnius.  To illuminate the top Online casino technological development companies shared secrets and plans.  In spite of being competitors they share the same challenges and potential pitfalls.  Coming together was a highlight of the summit.  Above all gamblers will soon be astounded by what is coming their way.  Software suppliers will be releasing the most dynamic games in history.  In this situation good relations between governments and competitors will prove essential.  Panel discussions were perhaps the biggest hit of the event.

Sports Gambling Heading to Oregon

In other industry news the state of Oregon is planning to open online sports gambling.  To show Oregon Lottery spokesperson Matthew Shelby said that the state is targeting the NFL.  Oregon wants to have sports wagering set up by September 5, 2019 when pro football kicks off.  Overall gamblers will be given plenty of choices when things open up this fall.  Single events, parlays, and in game wagering are all planned for this development.  Further options include moneyline, point spread, total, and props wagering.  Moreover, the state of Oregon will place a strong emphasis on responsible gambling.

United States Expansion Continues

On this occasion Oregon has shown that the future belongs to online gambling.  Las Vegas has seen flat numbers in a lot of its casino properties.  Sports books are often feeling the pinch.  As a result of these new options gamblers continue to win.


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