Tens or Better with Aces & Eights Make Classic Video Poker Offerings

Tens or Better with Aces & Eights Make Classic Video Poker Offerings

April 3rd, 2020 Online Casino

Tens or Better is a traditional video poker draw for any USA online casino. At the same time, Aces and Eights is another game that is sought out by millions of gamblers. Fortunately, we have you covered for both games. Extending that fact is that we offer them on multiline platforms at your option. Starting with that multiline option is the opportunity for substantially bigger payouts. With that comes the demand to make a lot more decisions. Either way, you’ll see why these games are video poker classics!

Tens or Better

With a strong relation to Jacks or Better, Tens or Better is a popular offshore bookmaker variation. The difference is that Tens or better is the lowest paying pair in a particular hand. This makes it more possible to have a winning hand. Counter to that is the fact that payouts will be slightly less as the tradeoff. Full House and Flush payout structures can be different as well.

Tens or Better Multiline

Consider Tens or Better Multiline to be Tens or Better on steroids. It’s the same great game with just a lot more lines, action and options. Players may first want to play regular Tens or Better to get acclimated to the game before taking this one on. First-time players may get confused by the extra lines and decisions necessary. Once you catch on multiline poker is often the preferred way to play.

Aces & Eights

Also known as Dead Man’s Hand, Aces and Eights is an old and popular favorite. In fact, this USA online casino game is based on the Wild West legend of Wild Bill Hickock. Hickock was a gunfighter and gambler that was shot dead playing poker. Specifically, the legend goes he was holding a pair of Eights and a pair of Aces when he met his demise. Aces and Eights are popular because they can offer more ways to win. It is based on the standard deck of 52 cards with similar play to Jacks or Better.

First, a total of five cards are dealt for the first hand. Players hold their best cards as a foundation to build their hands with. By contrast to other games, Aces and Eights have high payouts for the following hand combinations: Four of a Kind (Aces or Eights), Four of a Kind (other), Four of a Kind (Sevens). The highest of all hand ranks for Aces and Eights is still the Royal Flush.

Notwithstanding its popularity of better chances to win is the slightly changed rules. Players looking for a twist find this game most appealing. In a similar way to other video poker games are many draw options that you can choose from depending on your hand.

Aces & Eights Multiline

Aces and Eights multiplied is what this game is all about. Starting with more lines, choices, and payout options. Also, you can get a much bigger potential jackpot with multiline Aces and Eights.

Multi-line Video Poker

For players who want more, multiline video poker is the answer. Naturally, at first glance, these games can look overwhelming and confusing. Do not let that scare you off. Multi-line video poker is easy, it just offers more of what you are already used too. In this situation learn a single hand first. Following that multi-line will be` a breeze.

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