Online Casino Roulette Betting Offers Many Ways to Play

Online Casino Roulette Betting Offers Many Ways to Play

April 1st, 2020 Online Casino

Regardless of which type of roulette style that you prefer our games will bring you a great deal of fun. Roulette is one of the most popular games at online casinos for US Players. That is because roulette offers the perfect combination for a game of chance. Consider it is simple but offers strategy and betting options with breathtaking excitement. We will take a look at the three games of roulette that we offer. Namely, they are American, European, and French roulette. We’ll also take a look at the most popular bets you can make at the roulette wheel.

American Roulette

Despite the fact that it has a higher house edge and two green zero slots, American roulette remains highly popular. Both in the United States and in Asia. Players in Europe avoid the American version of roulette because of that extra green zero on the wheel. All told there are 38 divisions on the American roulette wheel. The green zero and double zero double the casino advantage over European or French roulette.

European Roulette

With just one zero instead of two on the wheel European roulette has half the house edge of American roulette. In fact, the house edge for European roulette is only 2.63%. It is also the most popular online wagering game in Europe. Specifically, the wheel goes from numbers one to 36, colored in red and black. The total divisions on the wheel with the zero makes for 37.

French Roulette

By contrast to other forms of roulette, French roulette features a uniquely different table layout. Like European roulette, there is only one single zero. What is different is that all of the numbers in French roulette are of a single color. American roulette numbers are colored in either red or black. Also, the numbers are located in a different manner in French compared to American roulette.

Online casinos for US Players also will have French roulette tables that have different outside betting fields. To show the French variation has the outside betting field split in two and located along both sides of the table layout. Because of the different layout, the betting odds and options are different from American roulette.

American Roulette Inside Bets Basics

Straight Up Bet

This is one of the most popular and basic bets available for any form of roulette. By reason of the fact that you simply bet on a single number on the wheel. For American roulette, the payout is 35 to 1.

Split Bet

A split bet is where you place a chip on a line between two numbers. For example, if you put a chip on the line between zero and double zero and the ball falls in either of those slots you win. American roulette split bet odds pay 17 to 1.

American Roulette Outside Bet Basics

Column Bet

A column bet pays 2 to 1 for American roulette and is made placing your chip on the box at the end of a column on the table.

Dozen Bet

In a similar way, a bet on dozens is where you bet on a group of 12 numbers such as 1 to 12. American roulette payouts for such a bet is 2 to 1.

Low or High, Black or Red, Odd or Even

Consistent with outside bets paying even money are black or red and or an odd number and even number bets. You can also bet on numbers 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. These are even money bets.

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