Let It Ride Offers Wild Ride Simple Betting

Let It Ride Offers Wild Ride Simple Betting

April 2nd, 2020 Online Casino

A clear difference between SBG Global and the rest of the play online casino sites is the tremendous variety of games that we offer. Numerous card games are a great example of what separates us from the rest of the pack. Many gamblers join us for several different sessions using a multitude of different games all in the same day.

Namely, Let it Ride Poker has emerged as among the most popular of those games. Let it Ride combines being easy to learn, strategic, exciting, and fast. With a wide array of different odds, it is one of the most interesting choices available to play.

Let it Ride Basics

Also similar to Caribbean Stud Poker, Let it Ride Poker has a relation to Five Card Stud Poker too. The object of the game in “Let it Ride Poker” is to obtain the best possible hand from three initial cards dealt along with two community cards. This online betting offering is played at a semi-circular table similar to Blackjack. The dealer on one side of the table with multiple players sitting beside each other on the other side. Specifically, a standard deck of 52 cards is used in “Let it Ride Poker”.

How to Start Let it Ride Poker

At the beginning of Let it Ride Poker, you will see three betting circles. Those circles are labeled Ante, 1, and 2. Players must place a bet in each of the three circles and that bet must be the exact same amount. To illustrate if you make a $5 ante bet you must bet $5 in both the 1 and the 2 circles.

After the bets are made the dealer will give each player three face-down cards. Also, there will be two more cards dealt face down at the center of the table. Those two cards are known as “community cards” that are shared and played by each player at the table.

Next Phase of Game

Next, each player will look at the three cards dealt with them. And they will evaluate the strength of them based on standard poker hand rankings. Once that is done, they will decide whether or not to pull back one of their bets. In this case, it would be the bet made on the “1” circle. Correlate if you pull back the bet you scrape your hands lightly on the table and the dealer refunds your bet to you. Keep in mind you can never pull back the ante bet.

Should you let it ride you place your three cards underneath the bet in circle “1.” After that, the dealer reveals one of the two community cards.

Final Bets

Subsequently, the players now make a play online casino decision based on the exposed card and their three-card hands. Players will make the same decision that they made in circle “1” for circle “2.” If you pulled back your #1 bet you can do so again for #2. In comparison, if you let #1 ride you can still pull back on #2. Or course you can let both #1 and #2 bets ride.

Final Step

To be exact you now reach the climactic moment of the game. The final community card is revealed by the dealer. Winners are revealed and paid. Consequently, this is one of the most exciting moments in all of the gambling!

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