Our Keno Options Will Have You Coming Back for More!

Our Keno Options Will Have You Coming Back for More!

April 3rd, 2020 Online Casino

To begin with, keno has a great deal of popularity at online casinos for US Players. That’s because of its combination of being a pastime that is also exciting. With origins 2000 years ago in China, it was used much like the lottery is today. In fact, keno played a major role in funding the Great Wall of China. When Chinese people flocked to America, they brought keno with them. Accordingly, they changed characters that confused players with numbers and the rest became history. Today keno is played in many different forms and an online casino favorite.

How to Start at Keno

Specifically, keno is one of the easiest online wagering games of all to learn and play. It comes down to matching numbers that you choose with ones selected by random in the game itself. In most cases, you simply chose from 1 to 15 different numbers between 1 and 80 by clicking on the ones that you want. Accordingly, the more numbers that you guess correctly the more that you win. Odds and payouts will vary depending on how many numbers you decide to play.

Order of Play

First, you will make your initial wager. Simply choose the betting amount that you want to play. Keep in mind that you can change the amount wagered between draws.

Second, please select the numbers that you want to play. Numbers can be “lucky numbers” or favorite numbers. Combinations such as birthdays or anniversaries are additional options. Best of all YOU decide what numbers to use. In like manner, to the lottery, you can also have your numbers automatically chosen for you.

Next, depending on the game, you will define how many draws you want. This means that you can play a set of numbers for more than one round at a time. For those that always use the same numbers for each game this a more efficient way to play. Less work!

Decidedly comes the draw which you will watch as numbers are called by random. That is where the breathtaking excitement begins. To show this is the point where you find out of lady luck smiles upon you or not.

Finally, its payout time after the drawing of numbers. The more numbers that you hit the more money that you will win.

Supplementing that are special offers, bonuses, and incentives. Check them out to maximize your experience!

Standard Keno

In view of its simplicity, standard keno games are the best way to start and get acclimated. At the same time, we offer many variations of the standard game with a multitude of payout options. Although it is true that keno can be simple our games are much more fun. One game of keno will bring you back for more. Standard keno offers 80 numbers with up to 20 numbers called at random.

Keno Dragon

By contrast to other keno games, Keno Dragon gives you incredible Chinese graphics and the mystical Chinese dragon. You will learn about the origins of keno with this great game. From this point, you will see why online casinos for US Players find this to be a major attraction.

Keno Artist

Players wanting an artistic look at keno can try Keno Artist. Different graphics bring to life an artist’s view of keno with a game that is easy to play and easier of the eyes.

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