Craps and Caribbean Stud Betting Light Up Excitement

Craps and Caribbean Stud Betting Light Up Excitement

March 31st, 2020 Online Casino

Account of the tremendous variety of games at online casinos, you will find countless ways to play. Games such as craps are among the most popular and well known at any online gambling website. By contrast Hoo Hey How is a simple yet exotic game that is loved from the moment it is tried. Caribbean Stud is similar to blackjack but based on poker hands. In each case, these games offer gamblers the combination of being easy to understand yet with plenty of strategies. Along the same lines, they are quick-paced games that are loaded with action.

Supplementing these choices are tables meant for every bankroll and budget. If you are just playing for recreational purposes without the pressure of high stakes betting, we have you covered. And for big-time gamblers wanting serious action we offer that as well. Not to mention everything in between.


On the whole, craps is one of the most famous and popular games of all at any casino. It starts with the two dice and simple betting options to get started. At the beginning, the shooter rolls the dice to establish his point. From there the gambler rolls with the attempt of hitting his point before rolling a seven or eleven. In like manner, the rest of the table wagers on whether he will hit his point or not. As well as other betting options that are available at the very same time. A craps table may look more complicated than it actually as. In truth, it’s a simple game with a very low house edge.

Hoo Hey How

Namely Hoo Hey How is a fascinating offshore betting game with original roots in East Asia. It is a variation of the lottery dice game known as Crown and Anchor. In Hoo Hey How we have three dice with a different picture on each one of them. And this is where the name of the game comes from. Accordingly, the six elements that appear on the dice are a fish, shrimp, gourd, coin, crab, and a rooster. You simply make bets based on each symbol. Each wager pays even money if the symbol appears once. Subsequently, you get 2/1 if it appears twice and 3/1 if it appears three times.

Caribbean Stud

Specifically, Caribbean Stud is not a poker game but a casino game. That is because in an actual poker game you are up against the other poker players. Counter to that with Caribbean Stud you are playing against the house. In that way, it is similar to playing blackjack at online casinos. In fact, the layout of the Caribbean Stud poker table is like a blackjack setup.

Caribbean stud is actually a simple game to understand. To show, it is a modification of Five Card Stud in poker. You are dealt a hand by the dealer to begin action. There is no draw and you decide which cards to hold.

First, you must make a mandatory ante bet. Each player is dealt five cards and for the dealer. Next, the dealer reveals the top card of his five-card hand. While the players can’t look at their hands until that dealer card is revealed. From that point, you simply bet on your hand or fold. Most important of all is to know the standard ranks of poker hands.

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