Coronavirus and March Madness May Increase Online Casino Betting

Coronavirus and March Madness May Increase Online Casino Betting

March 12th, 2020 Online Casino, Sportsbook

Slowly but surely the Coronavirus has begun to take flight. To be exact this vicious illness has taken hold in both North and South America. All of a sudden airlines are reporting mass cancelation. And Las Vegas casinos are attempting to ease the panic with sanitized cards as thousands of gamblers wear masks and gloves. All of this leads to a logical conclusion; there is going to be less travel and more action with online casino betting. Let’s take a look at the latest news.

Indiana Goes Mobile

Rapidly, new states are taking up the legalization of mobile and online sports gambling. The latest in Indiana initiative makes it super easy for gamblers. Specifically, Indiana offers what is known as “open registration.” This means that gamblers can register online or over the phone. In sum, in-person registration is not necessary.

The timing was considered essential in the Hoosier State. March Madness beckons and officials wanted to be sure to be live for the barrage of action that comes with that. Consider that Indiana, Purdue, Butler, Notre Dame is an instate school with post-season hopes. And neighboring Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio are all states where college basketball is huge. These states will all have teams in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Thus, the importance of Indiana to getting everything settled for the Big Dance.

Above all American state governments have seen the pot of gold that sportsbook offers. Liberal politicians and voters love the new source of revenue to spend. Conservative politicians and voters love the potential relief that online gambling offers to taxpayers.

Score One for the Old Guys

Meanwhile, Atlantic City has taken the lead of a new initiative for remote gambling. One of the interesting theories behind the initiative is to get older gamblers more involved in the online side of things. The older crowd likes inexpensive slots as a pastime and online casino wagering brings them their favorite games right to the computer. Most important of all the design emphasizes ease of use.

New Jersey Brick and Mortar Expansion Online

Correlate how traditional brick and mortar casinos are now going with the online route. New Jersey has been at the forefront of this. First, it was out of necessity as Atlantic City was going bust. Second, once this accident was turned into design New Jersey politicians and casino executives saw an immediate winner. As a matter of fact, online casino betting proved to be far more lucrative for the state coffers.

Michigan Launches Sports Betting for March Madness

And then there is the state of Michigan. Having noticed the success of Indiana’s sports betting initiative, the Wolverine State has rushed to be up and running in time for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Now Michigan is open for business and eager to cash in on the March Madness craze.

Online Kentucky Derby Futures

With less than two months to go before Derby Day online sportsbooks and casinos are eagerly taking futures bets. Although horse racing is an afterthought to the vast majority of gamblers the Derby is a different dynamic. Even casual sports fans and non-horse players are familiar with the first Saturday in May. To illuminate, everyone loves and bets the Kentucky Derby.

Racing Shows

Along the same lines as Kentucky Derby futures, some of the online betting websites and mobile devices are now producing programs. These productions range from educational tutorials on how to bet horse racing to actual handicapping and analysis.

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