Successful Online Betting Odds at SBG Global

Online betting can often be successful if you go with the “Buy low and sell high” theory

It is a typical rule of stock market investing but it also applies to online betting. In sports betting you should analyze which teams had either exceptional great or horrible years against the pointspread in order to anticipate potential sports betting market corrections.


Online betting is always changing. For example, a college football team that got on a roll in the previous season and ended up going something like 10-2 against the pointspread is highly unlikely to repeat that performance in their following season. The reasons for this are many. First, the overwhelming majority of those who bet sports will associate that team’s past success with the promise of future success when looking at online betting odds. This will drive the pointspread up and, thus, decrease the overall value of the team against the online betting offshore odds. The online betting odds makers are excellent at anticipating such public action and adjust their online betting numbers accordingly in order to attract action to the other and less popular side.

The same is true on the opposite end. Take a college football team that went 2-10 against the online betting pointspread in the previous season. To the vast majority of online betting players, such teams have no appeal and thus will often become tremendous bargains against the online betting pointspread. The online betting offshore oddsmakers will drive the line as high as it needs to go to make these teams with poor reputations more attractive, enhancing their investment value to the point that they begin a correction against the pointspread that can man profit to the smart online betting enthusiasts.

Keep in mind when preparing to bet sports that what goes up must come down and what is down must eventually come up. That is how the best stock market investors make money and it can work for you in online betting as well. The same principle applies in poker, horse racing and to some extent in casino games.  The beaten favorite is a great online betting horse racing system.  You are betting that the superior horse will bounce back with a great race.  Sometimes it can work in poker and casino games at online betting offshore sites as well.