Satisfying online betting at SBG Global

Online betting is a highly satisfying and enjoyable hobby. Online sports betting is just one of the many types of online betting available but it’s perhaps the most gratifying of them all. Online betting is full of excitement and the unpredictability of the outcomes makes a victorious online betting play all the more gratifying.

Online betting has really taken off over the past decade and experienced a tremendous amount of growth. If you consider that even 15 years ago most people didn’t even know online betting was the industry has made a tremendous leap forward. Now its’ entirely rare that you might encounter someone that doesn’t know what online betting is. And even rare still would be encountering someone that is active in betting and did not partake in this indulgence via the online betting format. The convenience of online betting is unmistakable and certainly much more convenient than heading to a casino or race track when you can accomplish the same feat from the convenience of your home or office.

It is this extreme convenience that has led to a large backlash towards the online betting industry from owners of the casino and race tracks in the US. These owners see the online betting industry, sports betting and otherwise, to be an enormous threat to their businesses. Yet this might be a hasty conclusion to draw and there actually doesn’t’ exist any reliable information as to the impact of online betting on physical gambling establishments such as casino or race track.

To simply say that online betting operations steal business from or threaten the livelihood of non-online betting operations is not accurate. For example, while it may be convenient to place bets at home via online betting sites, that experience will never replace the thrill of actually attending a horse racing track and feeling the rush of adrenaline when the gate drops. No matter how efficient online betting may become, it will never be able to reproduce that feeling.

Yet racetrack owners in the US have dumped billions of dollars into a lobbying effort in Washington to try and expel all traces of online sports betting from the US –even though Congress has no authority to do such things. What would be more productive and amore efficient use of funds would be to look into combining the business activities of online sports betting operations and US casinos and racetracks. There is plenty of business for both and no need to continually attack the online betting industry which, for better or worse is here to stay.


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