Online Betting Slow Play Tactics at SBG Global

Online betting slow play tactics in poker are embraced by some players and hated by others. It can be very clever and get you a lot of extra chips or it can be stupid and cost you a ton of chips. That is probably why slow playing has such a diverse range of opinions at a poker betting online site. Internet betting slow playing can get you extra poker chips that otherwise might not have been gained if everyone folded. The problem with slow playing is that you can sometimes turn your strong hand into a beaten hand because someone drew out with a weaker hand at the poker betting online site. Let’s look at the possible risks and rewards of slow playing and what potentially could happen.

Here is a good example of what could happen at the internet betting casino by slow playing a strong hand. Let’s say you have your starting hand of Aces and decide to slow play the hand. You just call with four other players seeing the flop with you. The flop brings good news you as another ace comes face up along with a king and queen of hearts. This is suddenly a dangerous flop for you because the board is suited and also holds straight possibilities. This is where a slow play could turn into a disaster. You don’t want to slow play in this situation at the poker wagering online site.

The ideal situation for this past example would be for the online betting player with Aces to make a large raise and take the online betting pot right there. Any slow playing would just be asking for trouble. There may be spots where slow playing would be a good idea in online betting, but you want to remember that many online betting players will stay in a pot, even without proper online betting pot odds, if they think they can draw to something. This is a dangerous part of internet betting poker, but it is more and more common.

There are some instances where slow playing can be advantageous but usually it is only recommended in situations where the board is not dangerous and where there are few online betting opponents. The more online wagering players that are in the hand will mean the more opportunity for someone to draw to a hand that beats you. Always remember this point when you consider slow playing a strong hand at a poker betting internet site.