Online Betting Poker Tournaments at SBG Global

Online betting poker tournaments are a great way to experience online poker, enjoy yourself, and have a chance to win money.

You have probably seen a lot of No-Limit Texas Holdem tournaments on television and you are probably wondering if you could do as well as some of those players. While there is no perfect strategy for playing online betting poker tournaments, there are some things you can do to help your chances.


Online betting poker tournaments usually start with the $5 or $10 tournaments. Some of these limit the players to 10 spots, while you will see other larger multi-table tournaments. Some people will decide to play fast and loose, risking all of their chips, while others will play very tight, wanting to survive as long as possible. You need to know which online betting players are which.

You will see those loose and aggressive players at nearly every online betting poker tournament. They play every hand, go all-in a lot and either build up a big stack or go broke. The only time you really want to get involved against this type of online betting player is when you have a very strong hand. Bluffing never works against this type of player because they are willing to risk it all at any moment at the online betting site. You also have the loose and passive player at the online betting site. This type of player calls everything cheap, rarely if ever raises and will fold if re-raised. These are the types of players you want to face at the online betting site.

An online betting player you don’t want to face is the tight aggressive player. He is tricky and hard to read. You want to copy your play after this type of online betting player because they are usually the ones that make it into the money in online betting poker tournaments.

Another type of online poker player at online betting poker tournaments is the rock.  This type of player only plays strong hands. He folds all of his marginal hands and won’t take any chances unless he knows he can win. If you are up against this type of player you know that his hand is probably very strong.

When playing at online betting sites if you can identify the type of player you are facing your chances of winning are better. The more you know about your opponent in online betting poker tournaments, the better your chances of winning will be.