Online Betting Poker Mistakes at SBG Global

Online betting has exploded in recent year and poker is one of the big reasons why.

As you are playing poker at online betting sites there are some mistakes you need to avoid if you want to make more money.  Let’s take a look at some of the more common ones.


Online betting poker for most people involves playing Texas Holdem.  Let’s look at some of the biggest mistakes to avoid making when playing Holdem. One of the biggest mistakes inexperienced players will make is calling a hand with an Ace or King and another unsuited weak card. The problem with this hand is that if the board pairs your Ace or King, you could very well be in trouble because of your kicker. The likelihood of someone else holding that Ace or King with a bigger kicker is about 50-50. Those are not good online betting odds because you will be throwing money away a lot of the time and you could get yourself trapped into a big pot you can’t win.

Another common mistake at online betting sites is focusing only on your own hand. This is a very common mistake and one even the pros make sometimes when betting online. It is very, very, easy to concentrate only on your own hand and ignore what your opponent might have when betting online. In Texas Holdem poker, 5 of the 7 cards are shared, so other players have a lot of options in online betting.

One of the worst feelings at the online betting poker table is going all-in with a great hand and losing to a better one. You always have to be aware of what the best possible hand could be. An online betting player might be very confident with his two pair only to get beat by a set. It does happen when betting online. Another mistake online betting players can make is not realizing that the home game is different than the online betting poker game. There are quite a few differences between playing poker in a home game and playing in an online betting casino. Usually at the casino the players are more serious about winning money. In the higher limit games, players will be harder to beat and will be more focused on winning money than having fun and chatting. You can lose your bankroll very quickly if you are not ready when betting online.