Pac-10 Online Betting Will Include Utah

Pac-10 online betting in 2012 will include the University of Utah as the Utes are expected to be the 12th team in the conference. The Pac-10 has already added Colorado and now they will go to 12 teams with the addition of Utah.  The addition of Utah will make the Pac-10 stronger in college football Internet betting as the Utes have become known as one of the stronger teams from the Mountain West.

Online betting odds will not be affected this season in the Pac-10 since all of the schedules were set in advance. The Pac-10 was looking to expand to 16 teams but the teams from the Big 12 decided to stay together other than Colorado and Nebraska.  While the Pac-10 would have liked to add teams like Texas and Oklahoma, they are very happy to add Utah. The Utes are 6-0 in bowl games since 2003 including 2-0 in BCS games.

The addition of a 12th team will be huge to the Pac-10 because now they can have a college football championship game. NCAA rules state that a conference must have at least twelve teams to hold a conference title game. That is a big reason why the Big 10 added Nebraska as that increases their conference size to twelve.  Now the Pac-10 can generate millions of dollars for their title game just as the SEC and the Big 12 have done for years. The Big 12 won’t be able to have a title game since they have fallen from twelve members down to ten.

The interesting part of the Utah move to the Pac-10 is that they will lose their rivalry with BYU. The teams have been bitter rivals for many years but that figures to end now that the teams are in difference conferences.  Utah is geographically close to many Pac-10 teams though so it is possible that new rivalries will start against teams like Oregon and Oregon State.  Utah has become a football power in recent seasons and they will immediately become one of the favorites to win the Pac-10 in online betting in 2012, especially with the expected downfall of USC due to the penalties handed down by the NCAA.  The Utes also have a solid basketball team and could be a team to watch in the Pac-10 in college hoops as well.


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