Online Betting Handicappers Note Royals Firing

Online Betting Handicappers Note Royals Firing. Taking the Kansas City Royals in baseball online betting in recent years has been a losing proposition. That may not change even though the Royals have fired manager Trey Hillman.  Kansas City actually won against the Internet betting odds on Thursday but Hillman was fired after the game.

Online betting odds usually list the Royals as underdogs in Major League Baseball. The Royals have been a bad baseball team for more than 20 years.  They won the World Series in 1985 and have not made the playoffs since. Rarely have they even been competitive.  Hillman was just another in the failed list of managers for this floundering franchise.  He was 151-207 in just over two seasons with the Royals. He will be replaced by Ned Yost who was serving as a special advisor to the Royals. Yost was manager of the Milwaukee Brewers from 2003-08. He didn’t win with the Brewers as his record was 457-502 and he is unlikely to win with the Royals.

The Royals were saying just a few days ago that Hillman’s job was safe but with the Kansas City organization it meant nothing. “Trey is a tremendous leader, somebody who is very consistent with who is he is day in and day out,” general manager Dayton Moore said just a few days ago. “He’s exactly what our organization needs at this point in time.”

Kansas City has a number of problems that hurt them vs. online betting odds and Yost is not going to be able to solve all of them.  The Royals have Zack Grienke and not much else on the pitching staff. The lineup is full of questionable major league players and the bullpen other than Joakim Soria is a disaster.

Going into Friday’s online betting game the Royals were in last place in the American League Central Division.  They have been rotten at home and poor on the road vs. Internet betting odds.  They were well below average in hitting and almost dead last in pitching in the league. Jose Guillen was leading the team in home runs while Billy Butler lead the team in batting average.  Grienke led the team in ERA but he got just his first win on Thursday.  Luke Hochevar led the team in wins with only three.  The offense is averaging just four runs per game while the pitching staff is allowing more than five runs per game. Those numbers are a big reason why the Royals are losing vs. the online betting odds on a regular basis.  Yost has his work cut out for him in Kansas City.