Online Betting Fans Watch Colorado Move First, Join Pac-10

Online Betting Fans Watch Colorado Move First, Join Pac-10. The first domino has fallen and the college football conferences and the online betting matchups will never be the same. The University of Colorado has agreed to join the Pac-10 and a lot more schools could be quickly following the Buffaloes.  Internet betting could see a power football conference in the Pac-10 of 16 teams before all is said and done

Online betting odds this season will not be affected since the schedules were already made. These changes will take effect for the 2011 season.  Colorado didn’t wait for everything to fall into place with the realignment. They moved quickly and decisively.   Colorado fits into the Pac-10 very well in a number of ways including geographically.  Other schools like Texas and Oklahoma could be following very soon. Most are expecting more changes to the current conferences by the end of this week. Nebraska had accepted an invitation to the Big 10 and a formal announcement was expected on Friday.

The Big 12 conference will likely be seeing their last season with their current makeup of teams in online betting.  It has been reported that once Nebraska decided to leave that the Big 12 was done.  Colorado was the first team to jump ship and a lot more schools are expected to follow. Texas and Texas A&M are among the schools expected to move to the Pac-10.  Baylor and Texas Tech would like to remain with those two schools but that remains to be seen.  There is hesitation in the Pac-10 to include Baylor in any expansion. Internet betting information indicates that the six teams that are expected to join the Pac-10 are Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado. The Buffaloes have officially gone and the other five could make an announcement at any time.

The Big 10 could stay with 12 members after the addition of Nebraska.  Other conferences, including the Mountain West may be interested in the teams that are left over from the Big 12. Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State would be looking for somewhere to go. Online betting information indicated that the Mountain West was considering adding Boise State and they could also be considering one of those other four Big 12 schools.