Casey Mears In Place of Brian Vickers in Online Betting Odds

Casey Mears In Place of Brian Vickers in Online Betting Odds. When you look at online betting odds for NASCAR races you will notice that Brian Vickers is not on the board. He is undergoing treatment for blood clots in his legs and near his lungs. He will be replaced in the No. 83 by Casey Mears so look for his name instead of Vickers when you consider Internet betting odds.

Online betting odds this weekend feature the Sprint All-Star race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Mears will be driving in place of Vickers. He replaced Vickers last week at Dover and finished 22nd. Vickers is doing well with his treatments but he is going to be out of action for at least a few months. Rick Hendrick, who used to be Vickers boss said that he had spoken to Vickers recently. “We are good friends and I actually hooked him up with my doctor,” Hendrick said, “He’s doing well. They have to be careful. When you’re dealing with blood clots you have to be extremely careful.”

Vickers condition is a life-threatening condition so it was very fortunate that Vickers started receiving treatment when he did.  One of the doctors said that most people die before a problem is realized.  The situation with Vickers is still undetermined but it is possible that he won’t be able to race again.  Doctors have said that people with blood clots are treated with blood thinners.  Sometimes the medicine is continued throughout the patient’s lifetime. The question with Vickers will be whether or not he is at risk to develop the clots in the future.

Casey Mears is an accomplished driver and should be a good replacement for Vickers.  Internet betting information indicated that Mears was let go from RCR at the end of 2009. He was a last minute replacement last week at Dover and finished 22nd. “It was a long day,” Mears said. “I thought we’d be a little bit better, but we were kind of mediocre. From where we started, there were so many guys — those top-two or three guys were running so much faster. We just ended up several laps down, unfortunately. But, a lot of guys did.” Mears was pretty pleased with how things went on short notice. “All things considered — finding out about this on Thursday. Getting here, get fitted — my back definitely is a little sore — and trying to work through some of that stuff,” Mears said.