Online Betting & Bluffing in Poker

Online Betting and Bluffing in the game of Internet Poker . When playing poker at internet betting sites you must learn that bluffing is something that you don’t do by calling someone all the way to the river. The first thing to remember about bluffing when playing poker at online gambling sites is that you will not bluff somebody by calling them all the way to the river.

Internet betting in poker is pretty easy to understand.  If another player is betting, it should be obvious that they are holding some decent cards and most likely have something going for them.  It would be a costly mistake to assume otherwise.  You are not going to intimidate an online wagering poker player that has a good hand. Remember when playing at online wagering sites that a bluff only works if everyone else folds. This seems simple enough but so many people forget it. When are the best times to bluff when playing Texas Holdem at online betting sites?

Bluffing works best and is far more effective when employed in high stakes  poker games. Bluffing always works better when you can put serious pressure on the other players at internet betting sites. If it doesn’t cost much to call then a bluff is virtually worthless. Players with a long-range outlook don’t resort to bluffing as a regular part of their game when betting on the internet, as weak players who watch too much TV use bluffing too much.  A good time to bluff is after the flop comes in and a player has the late position at online betting poker sites.

The player can survey what the other players are doing and get a feel on whether or not anyone has a strong hand. Position is very important with bluffing. Another technique used by players betting online is to bluff if they had raised the bet during the pre-flop, as raising the pre-flop is an indicator of a strong hand.  Players who are fairly certain that their opponents drew weak hands on the flop then bet the flop themselves.

This is also known as the continuation bet when betting online in poker.Another spot to bluff when playing at online betting poker sites is when you are up against conservative opponents and the flop has come with nothing. This again is about playing your opponents in online betting and not necessarily the cards. Always remember that bluffing in online poker is best used for effect and also best used at higher limit games. And also remember it is best used from late position when you have more power when betting online.