NBA Playoffs: Cavs vs. Pistons moves to Detroit!

November 6th, 2019 NBA Basketball, Online Betting

Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Detroit Pistons, was one of the most fun basket ball games we’ve had so far. The Cavs were close to join the Toronto Raptors as top seeded teams that were upset in the series opener. However, the Cavaliers were able to hang in there and prevent disaster from occurring and avoid disaster. Then on Game 2, Cleveland looked much loser and comfortable out in the court, and were able to establish their style of basketball, with a great performance from King James himself.

However, during Game 2, The Pistons took the lead at several points in the game and managed to stay close for the most part. This has not been a walk in the park for LeBron and the Cavs. Despite having a, somewhat, limited roster with not as much depth as Cleveland, Detroit has really put up a decent fight. Now, as the NBA Playoffs series move to Auburn Hills, the Pistons will set out to capitalize and prevent the Cavaliers from running away from them and, perhaps, even tying up the series before moving back to Cleveland.

As for NBA Playoff bets, the series has been rather interesting considering how on both two games, the Pistons have started out strong and tried to take the game to Cleveland, keeping the contest close. It must be noted that the Pistons have out scored the Cavaliers in two quarters, one in each game. Also, defensively, Cleveland has not been able to shut down Detroit as they have managed to score. Much more on Game 1 than in Game 2. Cleveland has had to rely on their offensive weaponry to outlast the Pistons. It should be noted that in both games, these teams scored more that 200 points, covering the Total in both games. Currently the TOTAL for game three stands at 200½ (-110).

The line for game three puts the Cavaliers as slight -4½ (-110) favorites. This appears to be an attractive bet, because we still have to see how will Cleveland manage to perform at Detroit and if the Pistons will continue to display the high level of play they’ve had in the first two games of the NBA playoffs series. The Cavs might be headed for the second round of the series but, it won’t be a sweep. The Pistons will prevent Cleveland from getting as many easy buckets, and their offensive game will step up as well.

One could easily get caught up by what the media is saying about the Cavaliers and their two wins in this NBA Playoffs series, but let’s not count out the Pistons, they are taking at least one of the next two games at home. It will be a high scoring going over 200 points with Detroit being able to close out the game and not let the Cavaliers get a commanding lead. The final score is going to be Detroit 106 – Cleveland 102.

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