Michigan Imposes Sanctions but Internet Betting Odds Not Affected

The University of Michigan imposed sanctions on the football program but they are not expected to affect the Internet betting odds. The university admitted to a number of violations but none of the sanctions should impact Michigan on the field so their online betting odds have not changed.

Internet betting odds could be interesting to watch on Michigan this season as the Wolverines are supposed to be improved. The violations that occurred under head coach Rich Rodriguez were investigated by the university and the NCAA will hold a hearing in August.  Michigan took the step of imposing sanctions before that time since the NCAA has been more favorable towards schools that police themselves.  The university imposed sanctions that include two years of probation for the football program.  Rodriguez was reprimanded for the violations as were others.

The sanctions imposed by the university really should not affect Michigan’s ability to win football games and cover the Internet betting odds. The two year probation means nothing.  Other sanctions also seem weak.  The university cut back practice and training time by 130 hours but that is spread out over two years.  The school cut the number of assistants from five to three.  The penalties imposed by the school may not satisfy the NCAA who could impose sanctions of their own including cutting scholarships.  There is also the possibility that Michigan could be identified as a repeat offender since they had problems in the basketball program in 2003.

Michigan has done nothing under head coach Rich Rodriguez as they are 8-16 the past two years.  The NCAA will review the sanctions imposed by Michigan and then they will make a recommendation on further penalties about two months after the hearing. That means Michigan could find out about more sanctions right in the middle of the football season.  The NCAA is investigating five rules violations that relate to practices and workouts.

Rodriguez is under pressure to win this season at Michigan and if he doesn’t produce it could be his last season. With the rules violations hanging over his head, 2010 will be a make or break season for Rodriguez at Michigan.  The first two games are critical in 2010 in online betting as the Wolverines really need to beat Connecticut and Notre Dame to prove they have turned the corner.


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