Wizards Make another Move That May Impact Internet Betting Odds

Internet betting odds on the Washington Wizards are going to look a lot different next season than they did this past year. The Wizards got John Wall with the first pick of the NBA Draft, they get Gilbert Arenas back from suspension and now they have traded for Yi Jianlian.  Things are looking up for the Wizards in terms of online betting NBA odds.

Internet betting on Washington this past season was not very successful. The Wizards struggled through a very poor year and they had to deal with the troubles regarding Arenas. They then traded away their remaining top players to free up salary space.  They are starting to spend some of that money as they already have a deal in place for Chicago guard Kurt Hinrich and now they get Jianlian from New Jersey.  The Wizards gave up Quinton Ross and $3 million to get Jianlian from the Nets.

The Nets have focused entirely on clearing cap space so they can make a run at LeBron James. The move to get rid of Yi saves them $3 million.  The Nets are now $30 million under the cap which makes them a big player in the free agent market. The Nets are hoping to get two premier free agents but they are not yet at the level they need to be.  Online betting information indicated that the Nets would need to be about $33 million under the cap to get two players like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. It may not matter as the latest rumors have Miami the front runner for both of those free agents.

The Wizards have made some nice off-season moves already in advance of the free agent signing period.  They have Wall to lead the team at the guard position along with Hinrich who they are getting from the Bulls.  Now they have Yi who is expected to compete for a starting spot.  Andray Blatche broke his foot this summer so he could be pushed for that starting forward spot by Yi this season.

The moves made by the Wizards sure look good on paper.  Washington will no longer be a team to take lightly next season vs. the Internet betting basketball odds.  They could end up being one of the most improved teams in the league next season.