Internet Betting – Seahawks Make a Move and get Lynch

Internet Betting – Seahawks Make a Move and get Lynch. The Buffalo Bills are going nowhere fast against the Internet betting NFL odds so they decided to trade away running back Marshawn Lynch to the Seattle Seahawks for two draft picks. The Bills are winless at 0-4 while the Seahawks are 2-2.  Seattle is tied for the NFC West lead and the addition of Lynch could make them more of a factor against the online betting odds this season.

Buffalo gets a 2011 fourth-round pick and a 2012 conditional pick in exchange for Lynch.  The conditional pick will be either a fifth or sixth round pick depending upon how well Lynch does with Seattle. Seattle Needs Lynch – The Seahawks are one of the worst running teams in the NFL so they need Lynch. They are going to release Julius Jones to make room on the roster for Lynch.  Seattle will have a California running back combination as Lynch started at Cal while Justin Forsett was his backup. That is probably how it will play out now in Seattle. The Seahawks have been led by Forsett but he has only 215 yards in four games and no touchdowns.  Now he will go to a backup role behind Lynch.

Buffalo could afford to trade Lynch since they have Fred Jackson and rookie C.J. Spiller. Whether they got enough for Lynch is in debate though as a fourth and maybe a fifth-round pick doesn’t look to be much. Lynch has rushed for 2,765 yards and 17 touchdowns in 45 career games. He was in high demand and it was thought that Green Bay would get him but the Seahawks made Buffalo a better offer.

NFL Trade Deadline is Two Weeks Away – The trade of Lynch to Seattle is not going to be the last one. The NFL trading deadline is two weeks away and more moves will be on the way as teams look to fill needs. Most teams will believe that they are still in the playoff picture so they will want to improve their rosters while others like Buffalo will realize they have no chance.

Looking at the Internet betting NFL schedule we notice that Seattle and Buffalo are both on their bye week so it was a good time for a trade.  It will be interesting to see how the Seahawks work Lynch into their offense but there is no doubt that he upgrades what was a terrible rushing attack.