Internet Betting – Rain Continues to Impact Baseball

May 31st, 2011 Online Betting

Have you noticed a greater number of your wagers in Internet betting baseball being rained out this season?

The 2011 season is a on a record pace for postponements.  The online betting odds at SBG have already had to be changed a total of 27 times this baseball season because of rain.  And it is only May.

Already More than Last Season
There have already been 27 games postponed by rain, snow or cold weather. That is already six more games postponed due to bad weather than all of last season.  The season is on pace for more postponements than in any year since 2011 when there many games postponed because of the terrorists attacks.

Doubleheaders Coming
Get ready for a lot of doubleheaders this summer in baseball.  Some teams will be playing day-night doubleheaders in the summer to make up for the early season rain outs.  And handicapping a doubleheader is different than handicapping a single game so there are some things to keep in mind if you want to win money in Internet betting.  Some teams simply don’t have enough pitching to get through a doubleheader without wrecking their rotation so they will call up someone from the minor leagues.  Other teams are better suited because of pitching depth. You have to take into consideration the pitching staffs of the respective teams when you handicap a doubleheader.

Bet Against the Sweep
One of the main strategies that bettors use with a doubleheader is to take the losing team of Game 1 in the second game.  The theory is that the team won’t get swept in the doubleheader.  This seems like a good idea simply because it is tough to win both games of a doubleheader. You do have to be careful though when a team is on a losing streak as it may not matter that they are playing a doubleheader.  The streak may just continue.  The opposite is true with a team on a winning streak as you may not want to go against them in that second game since they are red-hot.  But for the most part, doubleheaders give you an extra handicapping factor to put into your baseball betting strategy and in 2011 you will get a lot more chances to use it.

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