Pitching is Dominating Internet Betting Baseball Odds

Pitching has been the story so far this season vs. the baseball Internet betting odds. Perfect games, no-hitters, shutouts all over the place; what is going on this season with Major League Baseball hitters?  The totals on the board in online betting are being impacted since the pitching has been so good.

Internet betting totals have featured a lot of strong pitching performances this season.  Just this past weekend it was nearly a double no-hitter as the White Sox and Cubs did nothing for six innings. It was the first time in 13 years that two starters took no-hitters into the seventh inning. The Cubs and Ted Lilly won 1-0 over the White Sox.  That was the 19th game this season that finished 1-0.   The scoring in baseball has not been this low since 1993.

The baseball season is nearly half over and pitching has dominated the Internet betting odds.  There have been two perfect games, three if you count the blown umpire call, two no-hitters and a total of 25 pitchers with earned run averages under three.  Last year there were only 11 pitchers that finished the season with ERA’s that low. Three years ago there was only one. Ubaldo Jimenez has been almost unhittable all season and he is just one of many pitchers who are having great seasons.  The big names like Roy Halladay, Matt Cain, Josh Johnson, David Price and Adam Wainwright are pitching well and even castoffs like Carlos Silva and Livan Hernandez have been very good.

Why have pitchers dominated baseball?  You can look at baseball finally getting tough on steroids as a big reason why.  Drug testing is tougher and players can’t use steroids like they did in the past.  There are also some really poor starting lineups on quite a few teams.  The Mariners, Pirates, Astros and Orioles have almost no hitting.  They are scoring about 3.5 runs per game. There has not been a team that bad on offense since 1992 and this year there are four of those squads.

When you look at the online betting baseball odds you should remember that the pitching is very good.  That could lead you to bet the under when you bet baseball and that might not be a bad way to go.