Internet Betting Handicappers Note another USC Defection

Internet betting handicappers noted another USC defection as defensive end Malik Jackson transferred to Tennessee. Because of the sanctions imposed upon the football program, NCAA bylaws allow USC juniors and seniors to transfer to another school without sitting out a year.  Online betting information indicates that Jackson is the second player to transfer and he may not be the last.

Internet betting odds on USC are not likely to favor the Trojans as much as they have in the past. USC is still going to be good this season but they are no longer a national power.  Since the team will not be playing in a bowl game this season, many players are considering transferring. Even though only two have left so far, others could follow.  Jackson is a junior who played nine games as a freshman and last year had 3.5 sacks as a sophomore.
Jackson’s twin brother, Marquis, had committed to the Trojans but never signed a letter of intent and instead signed with Texas Southern last month.

The first USC player to transfer after the NCAA sanctions were handed out was linebacker Jordan Campbell who went to Louisville.  Jackson is the second player to leave the school and rumors have it that more players could be headed out.  Since USC will not be playing in a bowl game this year or next year, junior and senior players may want to go somewhere else for a chance to play in a bowl game.  USC is also going to be much weaker in future seasons because of the loss of scholarships.  The NCAA penalties were severe on the Trojans and USC is going to suffer. They may not fall that far this season, as many of their players will stay but in the next few years they are really going to be hurt with fewer blue-chip players choosing to play at USC.

Since the Trojans are not going to be in the postseason, there are no Internet betting odds on them to win a national championship.  The Trojans will still win a lot of games this season, they will still be on the board in terms of online betting odds and they could even win the Pac-10 but they will not be playing in a bowl game this season.


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