Internet Betting – More Football Coming as Arena League Expands

A little more football is always a good thing in Internet betting even if it is the Arena League. Next season the league will add four new teams and expand the schedule to 18 games.  The addition of more teams and more games will mean a lot more online betting action on the Arena Football League.

The Arena Football League 2010 season ended last month when the Spokane Shock beat the Tampa Bay Storm for the Arena Bowl title.  The Arena Football League has undergone some changes recently as they folded after the 2008 season but came back earlier this year. Now they are going full steam ahead with more teams and more games.

More Teams – The four new teams will be Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Jose and Kansas City.   If those cities sound familiar, they should.  All four cities had teams in the Arena League before it folded in 2008. With the addition of four teams the league goes from 15 to 19 teams.

More Games – The schedule for the Arena League will expand to 18 games. Next season will be the longest one ever in the Arena League. Teams played a 16-game schedule since 2003.  Tulsa Talons co-owner Paul Ross was the one that made a motion to increase the regular season from 16 to 18 games and the idea was accepted.  Tulsa had a great year for attendance as they drew a 10-year high in 2010. They averaged almost 6,500 fans per game this season.

Schedule – The added games means one extra home game for each team.  In the past, teams have had eight home games but that number rises to nine next season.  Teams could also get two more home games during the playoffs.  Adding more games means more revenue for the teams as they have an extra home game.  The AFL said that expenses would not raise much so it was no-brainer to add extra games.  The expanded schedule means the season will be extended.  The 2010 season went from April through July with the playoffs in August. Next year it is expected that the Arena League will begin in March so look for Internet betting odds on the board at Sbg global just as March Madness gets ready to start.